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Live UAV audio for better decision making







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Hear what you could only see from your UAV

The current generation of ‘noisy’ drones carry impressive onboard video equipment that provides eyes in the sky from a safe unobtrusive distance. But important contextual information is missing – the sound.

Hearing what people are saying adds sense and understanding to a remote situation. Sound also augments UAV video when there is difficult lighting and when people are not in direct line of sight. You can also initiate a one-to-one, or one-to-many conversation to understand what is happening on the ground from a safe location. This missing audio component allows better informed decisions and action.

Adjustable microphone beam width also allows the UAV to be flown at a discreet safe distance to minimise escalating the situation or fly in close to increase awareness and presence.

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Add the missing sense to your existing solution

Dotterel have created an Aerial Audio sensor as a payload suitable for integration with common UAVs used by Defence. This approach increases the flexibility of existing investment and training. We also work with UAV manufacturers to develop tighter integration for specific use cases.

Previously missing audio information is an important complement to other sensors to allow more informed decisions. By creating an Aerial Audio payload we can deliver important audio in realtime into our ground station or existing backend systems. From here it can be routed to the right team members to allow two-way communications in the field via the UAV.

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Breakthrough technology developed for use in the field

Dotterel’s solution uses an array of small microphones combined with advanced processing technology. This approach allows advanced filtering and a unique variable width beam. This means you can hear an isolated subject of interest or listen across a broader area. The high-speed on-board processing then transmits the audio to the ground station with minimal delay. Combined with our proven speaker technology, this means you can hold one-to-one or one-to-many conversations.

The audio sensor was purpose built to achieve the lowest possible weight and power consumption minimizing impact on flight endurance.  

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Quieter UAVs fly closer to the action

With Dotterel's noise reduction shrouds you can fly your UAV and sensors as close to the action as possible improving the performance of the equipment. Having more sensor pixels on the subject, and a wider field of view improves decisions.

In contrast flying the current generation of 'noisy' UAVs close to people or animals can aggravate the situation or cause safety concerns. Dotterel shrouds both reduce noise and increase safety. The technology can be retrofitted into existing devices, but performance is enhanced further when built into the UAV itself. Let us know your use case requirement and preferred platform and we can give you the best possible solution.

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