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The Dotterel audio sensor is a payload for a standard drone platform.  You can create a complete solution packaging the audio sensor with a UAV platform, with integration into ground station tools, and offer training in its operation. Dotterel also backs you to provide local support and in-market spares.

Let us know if you are an integrator into a target segment with a platform that supports a payload.

UAV manufacturers

Open up new markets

Dotterel's Aerial Audio Microphone can be deployed with a payload mounting kit, or we can work together for a more highly integrated system.

Dotterel focusses on all aspects of UAV acoustics including understanding the sources of noise, what can be done to lower the noise created, and how to reduce the impact of the remaining noise. We work closely with you on which drive trains, quiet propellers and shrouds to lower noise and improve safety. By understanding your target segment and their requirements we can optimize design trade-offs, and we use advanced modelling, simulation, and test in anechoic chambers and real world conditions to verify performance to ensure you get the perfect solution. Ultimately quieter drones can increase the addressable market for your UAV.


Understand the impact of drone noise on your communities   

Because of their intrusive noise, most UAV operators are currently required to operate at a distance or limit the number of flights. This holds back the full potential of drones in our communities. 

Based on experience gained building quieter UAVs Dotterel have developed a unique knowledge of UAV noise. This includes the psychoacoustic impact (how humans perceive the noise generated from UAVs), and the nuances of measuring UAV noise in a lab aligned with the perceived noise.  We’re continuing to explore ways to contribute to, and be a part of, the ongoing discussion to accelerate the growth of high value UAV deployments.

Flexible engagement models

Our aerial microphones can be sold as a separate, standalone payload, with the customer carrying out the installation, or as a bundled solution. However, our preferred option is to work with UAV manufacturers to achieve tighter integration of the microphone payload. Similar for noise reduction shrouds, we work collaboratively on an integrated design and the best commercial delivery model.

We frequently work on special projects and have both IT and personnel processes in place to preserve confidentiality.

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