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Who we are

Pushing the boundaries of sound capture

Dotterel’s unique noise reduction and microphone array technology make it possible to capture clear sound even in the noisiest of environments.

Our products are ideal for locations previously considered too noisy, unsafe, or expensive to set up and record in. They are designed with drones, robots and vehicles in mind, and more recently, the film and entertainment industry.

Recognised leaders in our field, we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of sound capture in high noise environments.

Our innovation journey

Founded in Auckland, New Zealand, Dotterel started out tackling the noise problem with UAVs that limited their widespread use. We exceeded expectations, demonstrating significant noise reduction and improving overall drone safety.

With this detailed knowledge of UAV noise and acoustics under our belt, the team began exploring and pushing the boundaries of noise reduction technology.

The innovative team at Dotterel took advantage of the latest trends in electronic components and developed a cutting-edge aerial microphone sensor that made it possible to have clear, two-way conversations in real-time using a UAV. This breakthrough technology provides applications that can greatly assist emergency services, defence and the film industry.

Today, we tackle new and technically adventurous areas of development, challenging a microphone paradigm that hasn’t changed for 30 years so our customers capture clear sound everywhere.

People matter

Dotterel explore the possible by having great relationships with leading companies around the globe. We solve emerging problems by leveraging our team of leaders in aero acoustics, electronics and signal processing experts. Of course, the real results happen when we spend time with our customers. Together we combine insight, expertise, and imagination to create practical, real-world solutions.

Leadership team

Shaun Edlin
Matt Rowe
Executive Director/Finance
Shaun Pentecost
Rohan Adarkar
Head of Market Development
Geraldine Bromley
Head of Finance
Seamus Rowe
Head of Mechanical


Matt Rowe
Executive Director/Finance
Sean Simpson
Brett O'Reiley
Ian Davis


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