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Leaders in UAV acoustics

Dotterel’s noise reduction and audio recording technology for UAVs expands where, when and how drones can be used. We supply acoustic sensors and noise reduction solutions for leading UAV platform manufacturers. Together, we create new and exciting applications providing customers complete, scalable solutions.

Our innovation journey

Founded in Auckland, New Zealand Dotterel have designed solutions for the entertainment, emergency services and defence segments. We have tackled new and technically adventurous areas of development. Working closely and collaboratively with end-users from the start, we’ve combined insight, expertise and imagination to create real-world solutions.  

Sounding out a solution

Time and again, noise from UAVs is cited as a major constraint holding back their widespread use and limiting the range of applications. Until now the only way end users could get around the issue was to limit the times and places drones were deployed. We set about tackling the noise problem, and succeeded. We demonstrated noise reduction for UAVs using shrouds and improved safety overall.

With a detailed knowledge of UAV noise and acoustics our team started exploring what else was possible on a UAV. Could you record from a noisy drone? Is a two-way conversation possible? Recording from UAVs had been tried before, but the results were poor. Our team collaborated with external researchers and took advantage of trends in new electronics components. We developed a unique aerial microphone sensor that allows interactive communications in real-time, for use in multiple fields, from emergency services and defence through to entertainment businesses.

Flying high

We continue to expand the possibilities through great relationships with leading companies. We also leverage our virtual team approach, including leaders in aeroacoustics and signal processing at local and overseas research organisations all contributing to solve emerging problems. And of course, the real test comes when we take our solutions out and spend time flying with our customers.

Leadership team

Shaun Edlin

CEO & Founder

Mat Rowe

COO & Founder

Shaun Pentecost

Electronics Lead & Founder

Seamus Rowe

Mechatronics Lead & Founder

Chris Komatas

Head of Product

Young-min Shim

Senior Aeroacoustic Engineer


Mat Rowe

Dotterel, LevelTwo

Brett O’Riley


Ian Davis

Jelix Ventures

Sean Simpson


Supporters of our journey