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Microphone Technology

Ground breaking audio technology for UAVs

Dotterel’s unique noise reduction and microphone array technology make it possible to capture clear sound even in the noisiest of environments.

Our products are ideal for locations previously considered too noisy, unsafe, or expensive to set up and record in. They are designed with drones, robots and vehicles in mind, and more recently, the film and entertainment industry.

Recognised leaders in our field, we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of sound capture in high noise environments.

Designed as a payload for UAV platforms
Aerial Audio microphone payload for UAVs
On-board processing in real time with live streaming to ground station

Unique microphone array

Dotterel has developed a unique audio system. It uses an array of small microphones and a new processing algorithm for end-fire beams. Dynamic adjustable beam widths can be focused on the target, while rejecting off-axis noise including noise from the drone itself. 

Powerful onboard processing

The on-board DSP unit runs our proprietary algorithm to filter the incoming audio to remove drone noise. This audio is streamed to a ground station in real-time for immediate use. Recorded raw files can also be post-processed to extract audio using additional methods. Overall performance is optimised for voice frequency ranges.

Impact on flight time is minimised through the use of low weight and low power design with embedded code and hardware.

Loudspeaker and long range radios

A speaker with a real-time link to the groundstation is a configured option. The speaker and microphone can be used together for one-to-one or one-to-many conversations, as well as playing back pre-recorded files.

Our products also come with an independent wireless transceiver link. The standard range between the UAV and the ground station is kilometres on ISM and licensed bands. Options are available for radio transmission.

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